Accept life and Move On? A How To Guide

Sometimes when Life is so hard, it may seem impossible to stand against the problems that torment us

The best answer may be to Accept Life and move on

  • Are you always fighting against your problems?
  • Do your problems and troubles seem more significant than you?
Accept Your Life
Accept Your Life

All things are good in this life when we don’t fight and react immediately.

We just need to accept things as it is! There are times you feel the need to argue; There are times when you want to win things, or maybe to establish your authority.

Still, the vital thing to be understood is only your ego that’s making things worse, and understanding your ego takes a lot of time and years of experience that you were never correct.

You need to realize that no matter the bad stuff you are facing you need to accept your life and move on.

 The need to fight is prevalent in all the times in our life, be it playing games, or even in relationships, and things sometimes become worse when you keep on fighting.

 The second approach to your life rather than fighting continuously, or rather than looking at your life as the enemy is Acceptance of all your troubles and worries.

This second approach to life is healthy, positive, peaceful, and also a successful one. 

Learn to Accept the Problem and fully understand that not all problems in life need fighting, but learning to accept them itself will reveal a great solution and purpose in your life.

Situations that call to ACCEPT LIFE and MOVE ON:

Some who would have lost his body parts due to some accident and his misery in life is unparalleled to any other, and If he feels that his life is lost, he can never come out from the darkness.

He needs to accept that the accident has happened, and there cannot be turning back. He should first take his condition so he can find a deeper meaning for his existence in this world. What if this accident can show him new things which he could never see in his previous days?

What if he can change his life after this accident?; what if this was his entrance to something greater?

 Many who are in deep Medical problems which cannot be solved with only a few days left to live, they can learn to live the remaining days of their Life with Purpose rather than thinking about mere existence in this world. People who have lost a loved one- space which can never be filled, they, too, need to remember that life has to move on no matter what happens. Birth and Death are facets of our existence and cannot be changed.

Problems and Us: ACCEPT and MOVE ON

We, as humans Face many issues in our life. The issues can come in any form and any shape.

There are always Four ways to handle any challenge.

 First would be When a problem has arisen, we can act as if the problem will be automatically solved by an unknown source someday and indulge in all distractive vices like drinking, smoking, etc.

Second, We can also keep telling others that it happened due to our fate, and nothing is there in our hands, and I need to live my life as it is. Many even post problems in social media and there will always be someone to acknowledge their questions and sympathize. They may feel acknowledged by this kind of activity and even may feel a little unburdened by this act.

Thirdly, We have the choice of running away from the problem and playing the blame game among everyone. This kind of activity is highly prevalent among many of us.

We can blame anyone, our parents, our colleagues, our bosses or teachers, and finally god who had given such a worst and painful life to us. By Blaming everyone, we avoid responsibility for our life and actions that we perform.

Or We can also follow the last one,

  • Having a deep determination and making sure all our problems need to be solved and understanding that all issues will finally have a solution at some point in time. Searching for answers rather than looking at problems will help you in learning many new things, and this will help you in leading an adult life.
Can You Accept your Life and Move On?

So How to Accept and Learn to Be OK with Things The Way They Are

1. Focus on what you have and ACCEPT

The truth is, we all have much more than we realize. If we look around and notice the small and the big things, the ones we take for granted every single day, we’ll feel abundant. Never focus on what you don’t have.

2. Be content with what you have-Just ACCEPT

Just Feeling content, it’s enough to make you happy. Learn to appreciate what you have and for what you are. Thank yourself for the things you possess every morning, and find time to thank the people in your life and be thankful for the things you love doing.

Be grateful to the opportunities that come your way, practice the art of gratitude. Even scientific studies are proving that appreciation can be a game-changer in your life.

3. Forgive yourself and ACCEPT

Accept yourself for who you are ā€“ and thus receive a chance to become a better version of yourself regardless of your past mistakes ā€“ you’ll have to be compassionate and learn to forgive yourself no matter how bad you feel.

It is OK to let go.Practice removing the grudge that you hold on, and its time to unburden the enormous strain you are carrying on till now.Know that the past is gone, there’s nothing you can do about it. And if you don’t let go of it, together with all the burden you carry, you’ll never be free to experience new things truly.So be OK with who you’ve been before, even if you considered yourself a wrong person, or not good enough.Let that be your starting line and move forward from here on.

 4. Be in the present.

Awareness is not our most durable quality these days. We’re always in a rush, thinking about yesterday (usually with regrets) or worrying about what tomorrow might bring. It appears that life is never as bad as we imagine it to be, though. So try to stop now and then. Take a deep breath and look around you. Don’t judge, don’t compare, or even think about it.Just see it, listen to the noises and let things be as it is and That’s what living in the present moment is all about.

Being in the present brings clarity, calmness, and peace that can be found nowhere else but at this moment alone, Enjoy them!,

That will make it easier for you to accept everything and to trust

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