Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video Editing In Tamil

Learn to EFFORTLESSLY Edit Your Videos for YOUTUBE using ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC A Beginner Course In TAMIL


Premiere pro in tamil

Learn premiere pro in Tamil

  • Great interface. Premiere Pro offers a responsive interface that adds more productivity and efficiency to your work. It goes through regular updates to ensure that the interface provides the best experience.
  • Synchronized editing. When working with multiple projects you can open them all at the same time and switch between the clips. Premiere Pro helps to save time during editing and work hassle-free.
  • Virtual Reality support. Video editors require tools that allow them to immerse themselves in their work from different angles. Premiere Pro offers the VR editing option to help users unleash their creativity.
  • Multiple file formats. With the last software updates, video editors can add videos directly to the app leaving the conversion process behind. Currently, it supports the following formats: Flash Video, HD, and HDV.
  • Video effects. Premiere Pro allows you to add a wide range of special effects that will make your work stand out. You can do automatic color correction, level effects, and auto contrast as well as change the brightness, remove colors or add lighting/shadow effects. You can also add text and graphics, giving videos an animated feel.
  • Colour correction effects. One of the most useful functions is changing the color effects to enhance the video sequence. For example, you can adjust and correct the brightness, contrast, or color balance using hue and saturation.
  • Audio editing. The Audio Mixer function allows you to make adjustments during the project replay and create new tracks when you delete an audio clip. If you have access to Adobe Audition you can even switch between the programs and get access to automatic click removal, adaptive noise reduction, parametric equalizer, and compression.
  • Blur and sharpness effects. When editing the footage, a videographer can add a blur effect. This Premiere Pro feature can be four types: composite blur effect, directional blur effect, quick blur effect, and unsharp mask effect.



This course is for Complete Beginners Who want to understand Premiere PRO CC in TAMIL.

Check Out Video About Home Screen

Home Screen overview of Premiere Pro

You will learn the Basics and the Interface and slowly Graduate to other Areas.

This is the Best course to learn in Tamil Even if YOU HAVE ZERO VIDEO EDITING EXPERIENCE!

How to Add Adjustment Layer In Premiere pro

Adding Adjustment layer in premiere Pro


*****Great explaining and his way of teaching is good! ? I have learned more things about Premiere pro and thanks a lot, Vinoth for this course! I wish you all the best!*****



  • YOU will Learn all the Basics of the PANELS In PREMIERE PRO INTERFACE
  • YOU WILL LEARN How to Edit in Adobe Premiere Pro Easily and Effectively
  • You, Will, learn How to IMPORT THE VIDEO and then Start EDITING
  • You Will MASTER The  TOOLS Interface in Premiere Pro
  • Students will learn the COLOUR, AUDIO, EFFECTS, and GRAPHICS Interface
  • How to SPEED up the Workflow using the Q and W Keys
  • Do you know you can record your VOICE inside PREMIERE PRO?
  • You, Will, learn How to SPEED UP and REVERSE your Clips
  • If your Footage is SHAKY Don’t worry. You will learn to STABILIZE IT!

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