Learn how to make An Awesome PODCAST using ADOBE AUDITION CC Tutorial

Learn Adobe audition
learn Adobe Audition

Make your audio sound amazing

If you are looking for an audio editing application that will allow you to record, edit and mix audio like the pros, Adobe Audition is the best answer.

Audio Audition is used by musicians, podcasters, video creators, editors, audio engineers, and professionals around the world!

This complete course is the best way to jump right in and start editing your own audio.

How to Start A project in Adobe Audition



  • Adobe Audition is a versatile sound editing tool that allows users to edit, combine, and manipulate digital sound files.
  • It is useful for both sound technicians looking to work on audio files and video editors looking to edit the sound of their video more complexly.
  • Have you ever explored all of the things Adobe Audition can do? Learning Audition will help expand a user’s creative skills, let them work on more complicated editing projects, and edit their audio files.
  • The program can be used to alter and edit the sound of a purely aural medium, such as a music track or a podcast, or alongside programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to edit the sound of a video or animation file.
  • The tools offered by Audition will let users repair audio files, enhance sound quality, and edit out background noise. This makes Audition an ideal tool to learn for anyone who wants to work in either sound editing or video editing.
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  • There are 383.7 million podcast listeners globally.
  • It is predicted that there will be around 424 million podcast listeners worldwide by the end of 2022.
  • As of June 2022, there are over 2.4 million podcasts with over 66 million episodes between them.
  • The United States has the most podcast listeners. It is predicted that there are over 100 million active podcast listeners in the US.
  • Scandinavian countries have the highest podcast penetration rate.
  • One-third of the American Population listens to podcasts regularly
  • Smart speaker sales increased by 22% during the pandemic, and it is one the most popular channel to listen to podcasts.
  • 78% of the US population is aware of podcasts. Out of which, 28% listen to podcasts weekly.
  • 160 million US citizens have listened to podcasts at least once.
  • 91% of Australian people are aware of podcasts.


  • Learn to Get comfortable with the INTERFACE
  • learn how to Start a New Project and start your recording Journey
  • Start recording AUDIO inside the AUDITION Interface
  • You will learn How to Edit audio tracks together
  • Add background music to your Voice Over
  • Apply and adjust effects to make Huge changes in Your Voice
  • Remove background noise and Clean up your Audio
  • Make audio better with EQ, AMPLITUDE, and COMPRESSION
  • Stretch time
  • Make vocals sound better and add RICHNESS to your Voice
  • Remove vocals from audio through Separation
  • Create a looping song to go ON and ON
  • Edit a podcast in Audition
  • Save and export high-quality files
  • Combine video Editing from Premiere Pro to Audition
  • Learn Multitrack Editing in a simple manner
  • Learn How to Delete SILENCE
  • And Many More


Practice recording and editing while you learn. This course includes practice audio files so you can follow along and actually learn by doing.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • You should have Adobe Audition installed on your computer (Mac or PC is fine). I will be using the of Audition 2019
  • No prior experience in audio production or editing is required.

Who this course is for:

  • Audio engineers, producers and editors
  • Podcasters
  • Video creators
  • Online teachers, YouTubers, content creators
  • Anybody who wants to learn audio editing like the pros!

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