Happiness in life is all about little Things

What can you do to be happy? Is happiness like a treasure that is buried deep under oceans. You can never find happiness, no matter how hard you look, but to feel satisfaction is easy. Just learn the simple rules of this game, for you will be victorious

Happiness Everyday
How to Be happy Everyday?

Love one another the first road to happiness

Love is the most beautiful feeling that one can give to another, but one can never be depleted just by giving it! It is the only emotion that can bring joy and happiness to everyone.

Everyone craves it, but seldom we forget how to give it. Our fast-paced lives have taught us only to expect but never to offer, and Only in giving and sharing can we see our happiness unfold.

Take time to say “I love you” every day to your kids; to your parents; to your wife. That three-letter word can make a huge difference and by saying “I love you” you will know how to be happy for small things make a big difference

Your beliefs and values determine your happiness levels

You are what you believe you are!If you think you are weak, then you are; if you believe you will stand no matter the fall, then every cell in your body will stand within you and say We can.This is why adversity makes us strong.

We need to be forged in the fire of difficulties to be the sharpest weapon that humankind can know.Build your values with strength and courage; say to yourself that this is my life, and I am in charge then; no matter what happens, you will last the toughest battle.

The foundation of your value system should be profound and robust, so others’ criticisms cannot shatter you. Even though you hate adversity still learn to be happy in bad times!

When the going gets tough SMILE

Everyone in this world does carry his difficulties; what makes the difference is when one can smile irrespective of all the burden he carries with him.A smile does not cost anything, but it is worth millions to those who just needed a dose of motivation!

A simple smile has the power to change a bad day. Miserable are the people who cannot smile, and the rich are those who give it freely.

Now you want to smile or not is up to you. To make a difference or not is your choice.If happiness is you choice then start smiling.

Listen to your heart

Many are so rich with lots of fame and name, but why do they end their life?They just listened with their minds and ears but forgot to listen to their hearts. The noise drained the faint sound that spoke within them of the world.Listen now to the silent voice within you.

Your heart speaks to you often, calm down, close your eyes, what do you hear?That’s your path and purpose.

You need to have faith and step in that direction because your heart can never be wrong, but your mind can be distracted by the noise.

Stop the noise for silence is the new music.

Exercise is the new happiness pill

If there is a pill for happiness, then its called The exerciseMobility is the secret weapon for all the diseases. Do something; walk-run; lift but don’t sit in one place. Sweat is a new perfume.

Wear it every day, and you will attract everyone.Exercise not only increases your life but will also help you to trust yourself. It will show you the strength that can move mountains.

You will know what you are capable of only if you push yourself harder. The results may even surprise you!

People will love you for this

How did you feel when you are appreciated?Sound beautiful, right? Then why can’t you do the same to others?Do unto others how you want to be done to you.Learn to tell- you are beautifulLearn to explain- you did an excellent jobBe happy to tap others in the back because those words matter a lot to them than to you

Count your blessings

We have become so obsessed with our own lives that we have completely forgotten what’s happening around usLook at the world, for you will know how blessed you are. Don’t feel for trivial things or your material desires, for they are of little value and can fade.

Wear the glasses of gratitude for you will find how blind you have been earlier.It’s not worth it to keep feeling bad because you don’t have anything. Sometimes what we have can be the greatest treasure for someone who never or ever can have those.

Learn to say thank you for those words that can significantly impact you than to others.

Ask for help if you have to

Self-reliance is a misunderstood term these days.The self-reliant will ask what needs to be asked for without help; nothing worthwhile can be achieved.Ask for you shall receive, knock the door shall be opened and look, for you shall find one real truth that needs to be kept in mind.

The world is willing to help you, but only if you learn to ask.Don’t waste time on things you can never do and don’t leave something that you can do for others, for your life is to help and get help.

Meditate, and happiness will be within you always

Life will beat you like hell, and it has become such normality these days. Every day has become hell, and we can never do anything about it.The rising cost of living, the new form of stress, the so demanding workload all take a toll on our health and happiness.

Can we not do anything about it?Is there a solution?Yes, breathe in and slowly breathe out.Then do this again and again…. simple is it not so?

Out in the woods

All I see is buildings around me. Where is the greenery, and where is the rocky path?

All I see is the Tarmac and the loud noises. No sound on earth can equal a beautiful bird song, and can you compare the disco light effects to a pure moonlight?Walking in nature is the best remedy for all our stressed and worn-out lives.

A simple walk holding hands of your loved one is worth a lifetime of sweet memories. Make it worthy. Sit beside your kids and your wife listen to the ocean’s sound, look up to the moon for you will see it

Life is a school

Experiences in life no matter how bad, it is the lesson that life wants us to learn.Some lessons can be easy, but some are more difficult to master no matter how hard we try, but life does not leave us. It just loves repetition and is always ready to teach us again and again till we ever learn.

Denial to learn is the greatest curse that can fall on us.

All our miseries and depressions are just the result of our refusal to learn, but if we start to learn, then we shall get the exact form of education.Degrees don’t teach much, but this school of life will explain so much that it is beyond any monetary value.

So take the time to look at your life. Do you find joy in small things, or do you wait for the big one which will never come?

Don’t be the watcher who waits for happiness rather be the doer where happiness will find you soon.

If you liked it, please feel free to share it with others to know what happiness is all about, for now, you know that Happiness is all about little things.

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