How Jesus Teachings Changed My Life

How the teachings of Jesus changed my Life not as a GOD but a powerful teacher influencing me in all angles

I know that you would be thinking that this might be some Christian blog trying to tell you to believe in God and go to church, but you are wrong.It has nothing to do with Christianity or about Jesus Christ. Or is it about some Bible class? Nah!Of course, I am a Christian, but do I read the Bible frequently? There also, the answer is no.

Do I know all the prayers that the church follows still the answer is nah!. But there are are some great quotes that Jesus spoke that could be taken a stepping stone to your personal development that has nothing to do with Christianity.

Believing in God or not believing in God is up to you, but education with value should be everyone’s piece of interest.
Now I know you will be interested. Right?

The five quotes that you are going to see below are my life-changing ones. They had been my companion and my best friend during all my testing times and spoke the truth without any sugar coating. They were dull and forceful, just like the bullet from a gun, but it was pointed towards me. But right now, the gun is pointed towards you.

Jesus teachings
Jesus teachings

Jesus Teachings About Love:

But I tell You Love your Enemies andPray for those who persecute you.

It is easy to love the one who loves us back. We are so into loving our own family, our kids, and our parents, but it is kind of damn tricky to just smile at a stranger.Is it not true? Then loving our enemies is just another alien concept to most of us.
Its easier to hate those who have afflicted us wounds that pretty remain a scar on our very own lives, but if we can just bring the courage to forgive those who hurt us, what would be the result?We will just be happy, and let go of them can help us to move forward.

Where to apply?

Analyze the emotional burden that you are carrying now. Let that be any betrayal or any revenge that you were the victim of the person that you still hate to this very day.Think of them now at this very moment.

Just close your eyes, remember their name and just say, ” I forgive you now with my whole heart.”I know things like this are challenging, but I want you to try now. I promise you that it will feel good and you will feel lighter.

Jesus Teachings about Soul:

For What shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world,and suffer the loss of his soul? 

We all love to hear success stories, and we crave for name and Fame. It is just what we are taught very early on. We have the habit of thinking that the definition of happiness equates success.

We want to possess everything; the story of grit, determination, and success from Rags to riches envelops us. But did we ever take the time to think – is that we want?Media and news agencies like to promote these kinds of stories, but seldom they never go in-depth about reality.

How many millionaires help someone in need?.
Have you not read stories also of millionaires behind bars or rich film stars ending their lives. Behind the glamorous lifestyle, there is depression and sorrow.

Locked in their five-star mansions, they may be troubled, weak, and disappointed by their lives. We can never know, and sometimes we do pity those poor souls when we hear some terrible things about them.

Where to apply?

Analyze what you want. If you want success and Fame, be sure that there are enormous sacrifices to make. Learn to understand your sacrifices when you work 100 hours a week.
People can call you hard-working, or your boss may be too happy or entrust you a new organization to head-on.But Ask the question, are you losing your soul?. You may earn millions, but if you don’t have someone to rest your shoulders when you are beaten, it makes no good for all the money that you have for loneliness is the devil that can drive you mad, and history is filled with such remarkable stories.
Even if you don’t have much but have a family who loves you back, the beautiful friends who put their hand over your shoulders and understand you and loudly proclaim .” we can do it! The dazzling smile of your lovely kid who runs towards you when you come from work,

The mother and father who loves you more than anything in life!.
If you have this life, then be happy, for many do not possess the riches you now have. Whatever you do, look and ask again and again-where your soul is? Is it within you, or is it lost?You are the question and also the answer.

Jesus Teachings about Anxiety:

Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day’s own trouble be sufficient for the day. 

I know many would have read the famous book-Eckhart Tolle’s- The Power of Now. It all speaks about the power of the now or to focus on the present moment.You would also have understood that your mind is like a mental machine that loves to direct movies about the future.What would happen tomorrow?What will everyone think of me if I did this?What will happen to the world tomorrow?Will tomorrow make me rich?
No one knows the result; still, humanity loves the rat race. Even the most excellent doctors cannot foresee the phenomenon that we are all undergoing. We just are bothered about tomorrow but without the answers.

Where to apply?

Just think about today; just think about sharing your love with people, you know. Think about watering your plants today. Just stop your mind from thinking about tomorrow. You or I never can know or understand tomorrow. It is a fact we all need to understand.
Let us stop this noise-making mind from thinking about the future and slowly calm down to think about today or the very moment you are now.Or just you can clap now for this piece of reading? Is it not so? Because it is the present moment, right?

Jesus Teachings about Self Help:

So I say to you, Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.

This one is my most favorite quote among all. Never look at this quote just from a bible perspective, or it is a Christian verse. Just read the verse once again, and you will find the mystery unraveling.Ask, search, knock, and those three words did it not ring a bell? Work hard, be determined, push harder, and you can do it!.

This verse is the foundation of all the self-help you can determine and also indicates the power you possess within yourself. If you can seek something or want something, it is eventually possible for you.

This is the power you hold within yourself. You don’t need Tony Robbins or Jim Rohn to wake you up from your sleep and tell you “You can do it” or does any personal self-help book tell you that power to change your life rests within you.Jesus had said it back very long back, and its time now, you realized it.Or else shall I combine it with another verse,” What you sow, shall you reap.” If you can plant your hard work, you will receive the results or to say, “Practice makes things perfect” here, sowing is nothing but your practice.

Where to apply?

Reach for your vision boards or your journal where you have written down your goals. Its time you believed in the impossible and put all hard work in searching, seeking, and of course, knocking.Now you have a manuscript dating back to 2000 years informing you that you have all the power within you. I hope you believed in yourself now.

Jesus Teachings about Giving:

I tell you the truth; it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

The world has two kinds of people 1. The one who only knows to take.2.The one who knows to give.Who among the two can you suggest serve humanity today? The other one right. It is just apparent that the one who is willing to share, the one who can help the other in need, is the only one helping humanity.
Service to humanity is the service to God. In my own opinion, I value persons worth only by the service that he can do to others. Man should not be bothered about the Name fame or the power he can possess, but to me, he is just a human being. he should be the one who can change another’s life, to contribute to some worthwhile cause and serve the poor shall be deemed a humane person.

Where to apply?

Just ask yourself the question- Am I of higher service to humanity? If you feel that I work hard and it is my money, and I have no intention to give something to someone in need, then I can tell you are the selfish sucker who has a dark soul roaming in luxury cars and bikes.
You are nothing but a chunk of meat well dressed. That’s it. Nothing more.
If you feel that your life sucks and that you are a fit for nothing fellow, try helping someone in dire need or at least try buying a pizza for a needy stranger and then “Now think’.What does your brain tell you now?Oh, man, you have made a difference. That’s what life is all about.

What do you think of This?

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