MEDIUM Blogging and Writing Tutorial

Learn All About MEDIUM BLOGGING Tutorial and Create an Awesome Blog and BE A SUPER BLOGGER

Medium Blogging tutorial
Medium Blogging Tutorial

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Medium Blog for Business:

  • Medium Gives You Access to a Huge Audience
  • Medium Does the Work for You with Built-in SEO That Makes Your Content More Findable
  • Creating a Medium Blog for Business Is Easy—Regardless of Your Technical Skills
  • Medium Hashtags #work
  • Medium Allows You to Republish Existing Content—Including from Your Company Blog
  • A Medium Blog for Business Allows You to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader
  • Medium Is Gaining a Reputation as a Go-to Content Platform for Small Businesses
  • Consider Leveraging a Medium Blog for Business in Your Brand Content Strategy
Whats New In Medium?


  1. To inspire your audience
  2. To improve your writing ability
  3. To learn new skills
  4. To build your online brand
  5. To confront your fears
  6. To generate an income
  7. To meet new people
  8. To document your life
  9. To land your dream job


Did you want to write? but never knew how to start and where to write. In this tutorial, you will learn where to write your first blog and be accepted by a wide range of Audiences.

Have you always felt you can be a writer at some point in your life but never had a website of your own?

You will learn the tricks to become a full-time blogger where you can earn an income online without your own website.

How to go from nothing to a full-time blogger and beyond in the shortest time possible?

This is a complete  tutorial on Medium blogging and you will be provided with great tools for writing and blogging

This tutorial is designed in such a way that anyone who has no idea of the Medium platform will be able to learn quickly and start building his brand.




The course is structured into 10 subjects in which you will get to know everything that you need to succeed in Medium

1. Introduction to the medium platform and its overview

Medium Home Screen

2. How to start writing with great tips and even creating Emojis in your writing

3. You will learn to convert your writing to Podcasts and even upload your own podcasts

4. Publishing  best stories on Medium and completely promoting your writing on social media

5. Learn how to never ever run out of ideas so you can keep on generating ideas for your writing

6. Growing your Medium Account

7. Medium Publications

Medium Publications in Detail

8. Smedian tools in detail for promotion of your blog

9. Learn basic Seo, identify the keywords the world is searching for, and optimize your articles.

10. Learn to use Pocket, Ever note, Canava, and Pinterest to make your blog a success.

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