PASSIVE INCOME: Create an Online course in Tamil

BEST PASSIVE INCOME MASTERCLASS: How to Create and Sell an Online course in Tamil Explained in Complete Detail

BEST PASSIVE INCOME MASTERCLASS: How to Create and Sell an Online course in Tamil Explained in Complete Detail

In This course, you will Learn How to Create AN ONLINE COURSE in Tamil and create an Awesome Passive Income to support yourself and your Family.

EARN WHILE YOU SLEEP While Your courses sell and make Money Work For you.

Best Passive Income Course

YES!! This is a Masterclass with Over 4.5 Hours of content on Creating your Very Best ONLINE Course and Begin Your ENTREPRENEURSHIP Journey.


Section About teaching

You will learn why creating an online course is important and it’s more important than generating PASSIVE INCOME but building your Authority in your Domain and How it will Build your Social Proof.

We will learn about various teaching Methods namely VOICEOVER, SLIDESHOW Teaching Method, and SCREEN CAST teaching Methods.

In this Section, you will learn where to get Content Ideas and we shall also discuss various course topics and how they can affect your course.

The section on what is UDEMY and SKILLSHARE and how to earn Passive Income

This section will cover Detail my Own Earnings in Both Skillshare and Udemy and other Hosting Platforms.

We shall also discuss why it’s very important to upload your Course on UDEMY and SKILLSHARE

The section on My Social Media Following

This section will have an in-depth detail about my YOUTUBE Channels, My Spotify Podcast and how I can use these platforms to drive traffic to my Online courses

The section on a Case study of Great Youtubers

We shall cover the strategies employed by Top YouTubers like Aliabadhal, MKBHD, and Cassey Neistat and why they have created ONLINE Courses, and Why You Should Too!!

The Fifth Section is How to Upload Your First course in UDEMY and SKILLSHARE

We will go into great detail on how to upload your courses on Udemy and Skillshare and how the set of rules is completely different Platforms and how you should get your course approved to begin your online instructor journey

The section on Various Hosting Platforms

We shall review Indian Hosting Platforms like LEARNYST and GRAPHY and which you can choose.

We shall also review KAJABI, Thinkific, etc., and their positives and Negatives as an Online Instructor from India.

Section  About Scripting and TIPS

In this section, we shall cover how to script your first course and the important Tips to focus on while creating your first course

The section on Different types of Gears

In this section, we shall cover in detail the Budget setup, the mid-tier setup, and the Top End of gears used in making your ONLINE course.

We shall look at different microphone setups and how to choose the right One. Even If you have only your Mobile Phone. I started my first course using only a Mobile Phone.

The section on Screen Sharing and Video Editing

In this section we shall cover what screen recording software to use and Why VIDEO EDITING is very important.

We shall discuss FILMORA and PREMIERE PRO for Editing.

The section on INTRO VIDEO

We shall check out the importance of the Intro video in your Course and will also learn How to create an intro video for your Instagram ad.

The section on creating THUMBNAILS

In This section, we shall cover why Thumbnails matter a lot to your Online course like YOUTUBE videos and how to create a simple thumbnail using both free and paid methods.

The section on Landing pages

This section will share why good landing pages make or break your course.

We shall also cover the paid techniques and the free resources to use in creating an awesome landing page.

Welcome to BEST PASSIVE INCOME MASTERCLASS: How to Create and Sell an Online course in Tamil Explained in Complete Detail

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